Carry All Bag - Waxed Canvas

Carry All Bag - Waxed Canvas

You can choose your own adventure with our Carry All Bag. Constructed with superbly durable waxed canvas and built to endure. A fabulous addition for those family days out or to markets. The thick structure of the canvas makes for a sturdy and durable piece.

The bag is waterproof, with canvas strong enough for the bag to stand up on it's own. A favourite for loading up your shopping or for carrying sports apparel. It is an all-round handy to have in the home. Load it up, take it anywhere.

The raw brown colour makes it unisex and easy to be worn by all.  It has simple features with brass studs, cotton webbing seams on the inside. It also has a generous size pocket measuring 25 cm x 16 cm and an inbuilt cotton key-chain with brass clasp to keep your keys in place.


72 cm in length x 32cm (59 cm with shoulder strap) height x 20 cm at the base. 

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